College Readiness Workshops

In an effort to serve constituents and partners across the state, the College Access Initiative is able to deliver a variety of services, including College Readiness sessions, described below. Each session is designed to empower, educate, and equip students with information, resources and necessary skills for college readiness.

The sessions are interactive and can be condensed or expanded to accommodate any size group and any timeframe (30-45 minutes, 1-hour, 2-hours, etc.) Sessions can also be customized for specific events or needs.

Our services are available to schools at no cost.


This workshop is designed to help students become better acquainted with the ACT examination. Professional staff will provide a general overview about the ACT and facilitate conversations about different ways to approach the test to increase the likelihood of a better test score.
This session is designed to help students get started with the college application process. We cover the various components, appropriate responses, and importance of meeting deadlines.
This session will outline the critical importance of learning how to define your identity in order to advocate for oneself. Hispanic/Latinx scholarships are not the only ones that require you to be able to describe your culture and identity in order to receive financial aid. Students will learn the benefit of networking and effectively articulate their needs and questions to college recruiters, scholarship committees, and philanthropists.
This workshop is designed to take at least 2 hours. This workshop will assist Latinx families with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This workshop will require computer lab access as well as a letter sent ahead of time to families with a list of documents needed for the workshop. As parents become more involved in the process of financial aid, the easier it becomes for students to continue the process of applying for college.
This session focuses on helping both students and/or parents understand the financial aid and scholarship processes. It will further help students to identify the differences in grants, loans and scholarships while informing them of how to get started with applying for financial aid. If targeting parents, they will leave knowing what to do in order to help their students. Facilitators will also be on hand to answer specific questions.
Students will learn that in order to reach goals they must identify those goals, plan the necessary steps, and have a positive mindset and a support system. During the workshop, they will actively think about, identify and plan out at least one goal.
This workshop is designed to help Latinx families and students become better acquainted with the requirements that students have to forgo before applying for college. Staff will provide a general overview about academic and financial requirements and facilitate conversations about different ways to approach the application process and financial aid to increase the likelihood of an acceptance letter to a 2 or 4 year college.
This session will outline the categories of scholarships and how important it is to understand differentiation of these labels. We will be discussing the difference between private scholarships and federal aid, and the do’s and don’ts for each one. Students will leave with a list of scholarships and websites to start their research for future financial aid.
This session will outline the critical importance of making a great first impression. How a student does or does not present themselves, whether in dress, body language, or oral and written communication, matters to their overall success. Students will learn why impressions matter, and how to make a good first impression in person and in writing.
Students will receive the U of A scholarship prompts. They will identify relevant personal content in order to personalize and make their essays memorable. We offer specific tips on what a scholarship essay committee may look for.

*This workshop was created to present in Spanish and/or English.

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