ACT Academy

Students participating in the ACT Academy summer session talk to each other during a class exercise.

Are you taking the ACT? Need help studying or just don't know where to start?

The ACT Academy, hosted every summer on University of Arkansas Campus, helps high school students tackle the ACT and provides workshops on college admissions, academics and campus life. You’ll get to work on test-taking skills, learn about the many exciting opportunities the University of Arkansas offers, stay in a residence hall and experience campus life.

ACT Academy 2019

In 2019, the College Access Initiative will host the 10th Annual ACT Academy on July 9-13.

Session Information

Current high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply online The application deadline is March 17, 2019. Students will be notified of their application status by April 20, 2019.

The standard program fee is $30. You will also be responsible for paying the $50.50 ACT registration fee.

All meals, housing, activities and supplies will be provided. Students who are accepted will be assigned to a session and required to register for the ACT exam that corresponds with the session dates. Further details regarding registration for the ACT will be provided upon acceptance to the program. Payment and test registration confirmation will be due after notification of acceptance. Both are required to hold your place in the program.

Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch will be responsible for the $50.50 ACT registration fee only. Verification of free/reduced lunch and test registration confirmation will be due after notification of acceptance.

Student and Parent Testimonies

"I wanted to thank you again for everything your program did for my son. He did indeed bring up his math and science scores to make a 31 on the ACT that he took in October using your voucher. Bless you all for what you do for minority students that just need a little direction to do their best on the ACT."

"You got to have the ACT score with the grades. Thanks to the University of Arkansas’ ACT Academy, I’ve scored the highest I’ve ever done in two categories. Jumping 7 points higher in English, and 3 in Math!!"

"The Academy not only helped me achieve my goal score, it helped me break out of my shell, overcome my shyness as well as the fear I had of speaking in front of people. Now, I am a more confident person overall. I wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my goals as well as helping me grow as in individual."

Frequently Asked Questions

In past years, ACT Academy has been a 5-day, 4-night (Sunday – Friday) program where students have the opportunity to take a practice ACT, attend classes based on ACT subjects, and experience the University of Arkansas. This year, both weeks of ACT Academy will be in conjunction with the July Saturday National ACT test day. Students will arrive on Tuesday already registered for the National ACT, and depart on Saturday after the national test takes place at the University of Arkansas testing center. We will only offer ACT Academy in July due to university housing availability. 
The standard program fee is $30. You will be responsible to pay the program fee and the $50.50 registration fee to take the ACT. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch will be responsible for the $50.50 ACT registration fee only. Please do not register for the June ACT or July ACT until you have received an acceptance notification for ACT Academy.
All meals, housing, activities and supplies are provided in the ACT Academy cost, including transportation if needing pick-up from a designated location. With the program being combined with the National ACT, payment and registration for the ACT is critical in order to attend the program. Payment and test registration confirmation will be due after notification of acceptance. Both are required to hold your place in the program. Space is limited.
  1. Apply to ACT Academy
  2. Once we have made selections, you will receive a notification of acceptance via email.
  3. In order to confirm your spot to attend ACT Academy, you will be instructed to first register for the July ACT (be sure to select the University of Arkansas testing center).
  4. After you register, you should then submit all paperwork to attend ACT Academy.
No, the student is not required to have taken to the ACT in order to be accepted into the program, although it is helpful if a student has had some exposure to the test prior to attending ACT Academy.
We make selections based on current grade, GPA, previous ACT attempts, strength of essay, male/female ratio, and geographic diversity.
Yes. If you were not selected you will be placed on the list and we will contact you with instructions to attend.
You should be notified of acceptance by April 20. We will notify applicants of acceptance via email. Further details on how to accept your invitation will be included in the email. An RSVP will be required, and spots will not be held for anyone who does not respond. Once the applicant is accepted, they must then submit their registration for the ACT.
Yes. Once you are notified of acceptance, and you acknowledge your acceptance, we will send you a packet of additional information. Forms that you will be required to submit include: Insurance verification, a waiver of liability, media/data release form, and a student expectations agreement.
Our program participants are primarily rising junior and senior Arkansan high school students. We anticipate serving 150 students in the July ACT Academy.
Instructions about payment will be provided in the packet mailed to you prior to the payment deadline.
Yes. On the application, you will specify if you need transportation to the program. Specific details about when and where buses will pick up will be provided in the packet.
All ACT Academy staff will have access to documents and medications pertaining to medical needs. Please provide all important information in the packet sent to you.
No. You cannot make roommate requests for the program. Students will be matched with another student of the same gender and random assignments will occur.
No. We do not take late applications. Please be on the lookout to apply for ACT Academy 2019 on December 18, 2018.
No. You cannot change into another session. Because of the program ending on the same day as the national ACT, reservations and registrations cannot be changed. You should apply to the session that best works for you, but remember that you can only be accepted to one session.
A packing list will be provided to you in the packet.
The University of Arkansas Campus is quite safe. We have the UAPD immediately available to us should an emergency situation arise. To ensure the safety of all of our program participants, our program staff is carefully selected and trained, and all program activities are supervised.
Residential coordinators and college student mentors, all of whom have been carefully selected and background checked, will be living in the dorm and hosting participants around campus. Students are not allowed to travel anywhere without the company of a mentor.
Depending on the number of applicants we receive, we will prioritize those applicants who have not attended ACT Academy before.
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