Mason McWatters Scholarship

McwattersMason was the son of Ranny and Kathy McWatters and was living on the land that has been in the family since the time of allotment. They are a very strong family and have helped so many Quapaw tribal members when it came time of bereavement and solace.  Mason kept the tradition of giving alive in all of his actions. 

At the young of 27 he was elected to serve on the Business Committee of the Quapaw Tribe and served on several boards serving his tribe. He was a Water Quality Specialist and Environmental Specialist for the Quapaw Tribe and was committed to keeping our waters clean for future generations. He also was a member of the Eastern-Shawnee and Cherokee. He had many dreams of going back to college with the idea of getting an advanced degree. Mason’s parents believe that an education is one of the greatest gifts that a young person can receive. This scholarship in Mason’s name will continue to support the education of tribal affiliated members. We encourage qualified applicants to apply.

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